Weekday Walk-Around: Lake Wales
Exploring Lake Wales

Every Wednesday, join us on a charming stroll through the heart of Central Florida as we highlight a weekly selection of casual, yet captivating, local spots in our series, "Weekday Walk-Around."

From the quaint streets of small towns to the bustling corners of larger communities, we unearth the places, delights, and hidden treasures that make this region truly unique. Whether it’s a cozy café with the best homemade pies, a vibrant art gallery tucked away in an unexpected place, or a peaceful park that’s perfect for an afternoon escape, we’ve got you covered.

Lake Wales

Lake Wales stands as a testament to both natural beauty and rich history. This charming town, nestled among citrus groves and majestic oaks, is a treasure trove of historic landmarks and natural wonders, like the iconic Bok Tower Gardens with its singing carillon tower. Downtown Lake Wales invites leisurely exploration, where its historic buildings house quaint shops and cozy eateries, echoing a bygone era of Florida's past. Lake Wales represents a blend of tranquility and heritage, making it a captivating destination for those seeking a glimpse into the heart of Old Florida.



Aunt Laurie's Candy Jar
127 E Stuart Ave, Lake Wales, FL 33853



The Ranch Taproom & Coffeehouse
247 E Park Ave, Lake Wales, FL 33853



Cocoa Cake Studio
224 E Stuart Ave, Lake Wales, FL 33853

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